Key Benefits of Selling BHPH Notes

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Posted on 17-11-2023 10:24 PM

In 2023, one of the most strategic moves a dealership can make is learning how to sell auto notes effectively. By mastering the ‘buy here pay here’ model and engaging in successful bulk purchases, dealerships can access a host of benefits that propel their business forward. Unlock new revenue streams: selling auto notes allows you to create an additional source of income. Each note sold provides immediate cash flow, helping to stabilize finances and fund future growth. lot Mitigate risk: with the bhph model, you’re catering to customers who may have been declined a traditional auto loan due to poor credit.

Ok, so some of these skills are shared by most dealers, but the bhph entrepreneur is largely a solo act operating without a safety net. A few wrong moves and the show is over. That is critical to keep in mind for new car dealers exploring this market. This is a collections, risk, and receivables management business, carmichael explains. The fatal mistake that new car dealers entering the bhph market make is not understanding the difference between selling cars and managing a subprime finance portfolio, notes ken shilson, president and founder of the national alliance of bhph dealers (nabd).

Selling Your Auto Notes

Outline: buying bulk bhph auto loans buying bulk auto loans sell auto notes: bhph dealer capital-sell your bhph accounts (https://bhphdealercapital. Com) bhph dealer capital-sell your bhph accounts- sell auto notes looking for cash flow solutions? the sell buy here pay here accounts program is simple. As calling 615-414-6708 why sell bhph accounts questions for selling bulk auto notes focus on sales not on collections get access to cash without getting a loan bhph note buyers companies that buy car notes

Auto Notes and BHPH loans

are you a buy here pay here dealer looking to sell your auto loans? we are a top buying source in the market when it comes to purchasing auto bulk paper. We specialize in in various types of auto bulk portfolios ranging in size from $25,000 to $10,000,000 loan portfolio purchases in deep sub-prime auto paper (bhph) as well as auto lease portfolios.

Are you a buy here pay here dealer or independent auto dealer looking to sell your auto loans? if so, you have come to the right place. We also work with franchise dealers, auto finance companies and any other party interested in selling auto loan portfolios. We are the top buying source in the market when it comes to selling auto bulk paper. We specialize in all auto bulk portfolios ranging from prime auto paper to deep subprime auto loans (bhph). We represent all of the top industry buyers including non-strategic types (wall street investors and private equity groups).

Auto loans often have some of the lowest interest rates across all lending products. The average interest rate on new cars for borrowers with excellent credit was 2. 47% and 3. 61% for used cars in the 2021 fourth quarter. For bhph borrowers, you can typically expect much higher interest rates on auto loans —usually between 15% and 20%.